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Kelly Nordstrom


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As an author, I travel to elementary schools with my "Ink Slayers" program. It's a way to get kids amped up about writing and editing their own books. When complete, their school library stocks each slayer's book in a special section and we host book signings for the authors. Good times all around.

I consider myself a lifelong learner, conquering new things every year. In 2009, I learned how to snowboard with the help of my husband and two daughters. I busted my tailbone, but it was worth it.

If Sophia was around when I was in school, I would have excelled to a much higher level. Every person prefers a certain way of receiving information. I prefer humor, metaphors, and videos instead of books and verbal instructions.

If you tell me how to get to a hospital, I will be lost. If you write it down for me, I will find it immediately. It's just the way my brain works. If you throw a joke in there, I will find the hospital AND enjoy the ride.

And that's what learning is about: enjoying the ride. Sophia, to me, is about empowering people and embracing all roads leading to a great education. Knowledge is power. Be powerful!

Favorite Subjects

Composition, Philosophy, English, Creative Writing, Literature, Reading, Speech / Rhetoric, Humanities


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