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Parmanand Jagnandan


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I am originally from Guyana, South America. I came to the U.S in 1991 and lived in Brooklyn, New York for about four years before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I currently live.

I went to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, where I attended the Institute of Technology and received degrees in Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.

I currently work as a Learning Coach at Sophia and am pursing a masters degree in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University.

My goal for Sophia is to provide a clear understanding of math and science concepts by relating them to elementary ideas. My hope is that the method(s) I employ will make what seem to be very complex ideas much more approachable and appreciated.

Favorite Subjects

Chemistry, Geometry, Sciences, Religion, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Mathematics, Trigonometry, Physics, Statistics, Education, Engineering, Calculus 1

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