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Kevin Kriescher


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I have been an adjunct physics professor at two universities. The conundrum: Students who are interested in physics tend to push the pace in the book and sit in the front row. Their enthusiasm tends to reward them with understanding, making lectures more predictable. However, the student who does not share such an interest and just needs his science credit tends to sit in the back and doze off. The lecture hall approach fails both types of student! Those who are interested don't need to hear me and those who are not miss their chance. Thanks Sophia for turning the table.

I was an instructional assistant in physics laboratories at two universities and gained research experience with a team from UCLA at the University of Alaska Fairbanks studying electromagnetic behavior of the ionosphere. Northern lights make a fine laboratory! I have worked as an assistant science editor and physics specialist for educational publishers.

It is said that If you have a math problem, take it to the physics department because they know how to interpret and solve it. For two years I was the top contributor of online K-12 math lessons at Guaranteach, since then acquired by Sophia. I have tutored mathematics (e.g. business math, SAT preparation, a complete algebra course, etc.) to a wide range of students.

Another passion is music composition. I perform and teach guitar and have written a book applying music theory to the instrument. Another book is in the making, though unrelated to music. Finally, I won't claim to be an educator of organic chemistry, but it has rekindled my passion for cooking!

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Composition, Architecture, Sciences, Music, Mathematics, Learning Strategies, Physics, Engineering

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