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Neil Cunningham


I am a writer, editor, environmental educator, and composter who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. By day I work full-time as a technical editor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' County Geologic Atlas Program. Independently, I own and operate Green Noise LLC, an environmental education company that sells living organisms for composting and decomposition studies. Having previously worked for the Department of Agriculture as an insect biological control specialist and greenhouse manager, my current research interests include urban agriculture, urban biodiversity, organic pest management, and native pollinators. I also teach on a part-time occasional basis for the Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate, Capella University, and the U.S. Naval War College's Writing Center.

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Composition, Film, Agriculture, Creative Writing, Earth Sciences, Music, Sciences, Photography, Economics, Business, Career Writing, Political Science, Design, Education, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Media, Communications


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