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Aleigha Ahlness


My name is Aleigha Ahlness,
I am part of the SOPHIA Summer Challenge Program and I am willing to keep my brain on track throughout the summer.
My goal is to improve on my Math, I've never been sooo good at it.
Thanks to Sophia, I'm doing math 5 grades higher than I've ever been! I am proud of it.
I'm not only working on my math,
I'm also a writer. I go on SOPHIA to help me improve on my writing. I want to become an Author someday and I believe that if SOPHIA can help me improve my math, then SOPHIA can help me improve my sharp writing skills.
Whoever is doing the SOPHIA Summer Challenge like me, I wish you the best of luck!

Favorite Subjects

Basic Science, Dance, Basic Mathematics, Composition, Creative Writing, English, Geometry, Film, Earth Sciences, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Linguistics, Theater, Literature, Computer Science, Reading, Speech / Rhetoric, Education, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Media, Communications

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