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Alexis Snider


Grade(s): College


I want to live the kind of life in which I can look back and admire it as the wealthy do their riches for I believe that is precisely what life is. To me, life is the greatest gift one could receive and I try to be so appreciative of mine. I love being alive and all that it entails. I have come to understand the necessity of duality. For one to understand and admire good one must first know bad. I believe all reality is individual and nothing is real unless you believe in it. I believe in love, love for all. I can be astonishingly idealistic at times. I'm pretty spiritual and emotional. I seek a sense of truth or meaning in most everything. I'm very nostalgic and analytical. I'm quite sarcastic. Humor is a very important aspect of my life. Philosophy, writing, and art are my biggest passions. Perhaps my deepest desire is to succeed in one of those fields. I'd love to be able to travel all around the world and meet as many people as possible. I love to people watch and to learn from the experience of myself and others.I believe life is all about the experience and I hope to make the most of what I have. I think fear has held me and the rest of the world back for far too long. We must not be fearful but loving and understanding, compassionate and informed. I believe in the law of attraction and have recently been trying to practice it as part of my daily life. I believe it is working. But perhaps it is the mere belief that it is working that makes it so. I am a social butterfly and a night owl, practically an insomniac at times. My curiosity in life is fantastic. I can find almost anything interesting. I adore simple things. I love that life can make you laugh and cry simultaneously. I love the inhale and the exhale of each day. I love the first breath and the ending of ever sentence. I love waking up and remembering my dreams. I love dreaming throughout it all. I love being reminded of times past. I love change and variety. I love learning. I love people. I love emotions. I love ideas. I love life. I love.

Favorite Subjects

History, Study Skills, Anthropology, Composition, Geometry, Philosophy, Creative Writing, Film, Time Management, Chemistry, Religion, French, Music, Economics, Photography, German, Business, Theater, Linguistics, Career Writing, Physics, Greek, Visual Arts, Political Science, Literature, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Statistics, Latin, Reading, Psychology, Sociology, Speech / Rhetoric, Design, Spanish, Education, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Media, Communications, Law, Library, Museum Studies, Public Administration


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