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Angela Ross


Angela Ross is a lady with passion and great love in writing. Since she was a child, her mother can testify that she is born being a writer. During her childhood and school days, she is an achiever. She always wants to involve in any competition related to journalism. That's a bit about her childhood background. She has a lot of archive of blogs, articles and short stories. Before she involves herself in the fashion world, she loves to write subjects about positivity, hope and love. But now, her interests changed. She now loves to be update din different kinds of fashion trends esp. for women. She has her own blogs about women's talk all about women's clothing such as Soft bra, Lingerie and even Nightwear.
Unusual kind of lady, but she is very respectful and loving when it comes to her family. That's why, she will do anything just to give her family a bright future. Angela's favorite quote in life : Until you won't stop, you are not a failure.


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