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ariana jenkins


Grade(s): Middle School


Hey my name is Ari 'Ana Jenkins. I am in all honors and love to meet new people.My favorite subject is reading and literature. I guess it just comes very quickly and easier for me. My favorite thing to do is sing.I have even won a talent show once or twice.My best friend is Valerie Hertel and we do everything together. I love to work out but i am not in athletics because i don't like to play sports. I am not perfect at math but i understand different methods.I believe that we are people and that we do not need to excell in everything but every time or two there is that one person that does.I hope that is me. I believe that fear is real but we choose to be afraid I believe in second chances and I believe that there are risk we just have to take one.

Favorite Subjects

Creative Writing, French, Music, Literature, Reading, Social Studies

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