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Beth D. Johnson


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education - University of Alabama
MEd. in Education- University of Alabama
Kappa Delta Pi - Educational Honor Society
Additional Graduate courses - Jones International University
Integrating Technology in the K-12 Classroom
Learning Theories
Independent Research in Several Areas:
Educational Technology
Intelligence Theory and History
Multiple Intelligences
Project Based Learning
ADHD/ADD - The Spectrum of ADHD
Learning Strategies
Reading/Writing Strategies for Struggling Learners
Former Middle School Teacher - Reading, History, Language/Writing - Integrated Studies
Web Designer/Webmaster for Several Years
Presently Support 9th-12th Grade Students in Various Areas

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, History, Composition, Basic Science, Chemistry, English, Philosophy, Time Management, Geometry, Creative Writing, Religion, Sciences, English as a Second Language, Area Studies, Algebra 1, Earth Sciences, Music, Photography, German, Physical Sciences, Algebra 2, Economics, Linguistics, Geography, Physics, Theater, Learning Strategies, Literature, Visual Arts, Statistics, Fine Arts, Political Science, Social Sciences, Reading, Psychology, Biology, Sociology, Design, Speech / Rhetoric, Spanish, Education, Social Studies


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