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Established in 2010 to provide competent and distinct solutions to various intellectual property problems, Patexia is a social community where professional experts from different fields, businesses and entities meet to share several issues faced by industries and seek sufficient answers to this issues for better results. They offer support in achieving development and innovation for businesses and individual works through patent assessment and valuation. Experts perform in constructing useful viewpoints and at the same time integrating their background knowledge and experiences in figuring out the existing problem and probable solutions. With the use of Patexia's patent search database, they stay connected to every information helpful in laddering the process for an achievable outcome.


Both experts and researchers acquire valuable information from vast resources and they also get the opportunity to expand their learnings and ideas as well as earn worth by involving in prior art challenge, as businesses and corporate organizations are craving for means in improving their market and trades. Through Patexia's powerful visualization tools, researchers find it as the best avenue to locate essential sources that cover a wide range of information including the latest intellectual property news and several industry trends. These online applications also provide access to different patent details such as intellectual property law, patent lawsuits as well as patent statistics.


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