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Beauty has been defined as the place where nature and grace meet. We live in a world designed to balance the timely (nature) with the timeless (grace). To be fully educated, students need to be trained in the Trivium, where they explore the timelessness of word study, and the in the Quadrivium, where they explore the timeliness of real space.

The four liberal arts of the Quadrivium equip mankind to live in harmony rather than in discord with Creation. The Mandala Fellowship is a step toward making the Quadrivium accessible to all as we train students to disciple others to love learning.


Full Disclosure of Our Unusual Nature

1. Why Mandala? Mandala is a very old Sanskrit word that means the convergence of complexity with unity. Students of the quadrivium naturally seek out mandala. This mathematical concept converges with beauty in the form of kaleidoscopes, rose windows in cathedrals, Japanese peace gardens, and Buddhist temple carpets, as well as the dance of the planets and the bloom of each flower. It is an idea that is expressed in Romans 1, when we are told mankind is without excuse in denying our Lord as Creator because all faiths in all times have recognized the mystery of beauty and order even if they choose to worship chaos and chance.

2. Are these pagan traditions? Harmony and astronomy have been usurped by chaos and astrology. Some of the topics we cover may seem like an embrace of pagan traditions. On the contrary, as Christians, we refuse to let secularists contort the study of creation for their own means. Events like the summer and winter solstice, and ideas like statistical analysis are neither neutral nor pagan. They were given to us, not to be worshipped, but to glorify their Creator. We are only discoverers of the way creation works.

3. What about political correctness? Political correctness has infiltrated even Christian academic institutions. In the Mandala Fellowship, we refuse to operate out of fear. Our students will discuss mysteries as well as answers. We will cover difficult issues with prayer, demonstrating benevolence toward our opponents when engaged in open debate. Our goal is to understand the beauty and harmony God has built into the universe through the language o f mathematics and harmony. We have been given dominion over His creation. As we explore His universe for the love of Truth, we will uncover a new appreciation for our stewardship. Maybe we wi

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Geometry, Music, Mathematics, Space Sciences


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