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Charlotte galindo


Hello, this is my biography, i'll make this brief. i'm a high school junior girl. I'm very sweet, and caring for other people. Silly as I can get, I do tend to have my off days (don't we all?), were i'll be really quiet and confined. Don't be afraid to ask me what's wrong, i'll tell you. I just keep quiet, to keep from burdening anyone with my problems.( We all have them; speak up if you have to.) Another thing. I hate bullying (end of discussion.) As for music, i'm pretty open minded about that. If you haven't already noticed, my favorite color is red. I love canids (all dog counterparts). My hobbies: (it's quite a long list) Drawing, writing, reading, watching anime, singing, making cosplay props, and being me. Wow, that wasn't brief at all. Well thanks for taking the time to reading this!!!

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Music, Photography, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Japanese, Reading

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