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Cheryl Werling


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12



I am a Chemistry and Biology teacher in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have been teaching for seven years, and I love it! Teaching is an incredibly rewarding career, and I am a big proponent of using technology in the classroom. I have spent all of my teaching career working with ESL and at risk youth. I really strive to help my students fall in love with science, and I do a lot of hands on activities and labs to help my students understand content. As a visual learner, I am also a big fan of drawings and diagrams, so my walls are constantly covered with posters and student work.
In my spare time, I just love learning about anything related to science! I spend a lot of time reading journal articles and nonfiction science books. I also have a minor in Fine Arts, so I teach an art class and do some of my own artwork in my free time. I have a three year old daughter who also loves science, and we spend a lot of time looking for cool new bugs and learning about plants and animals.

Favorite Subjects

Anthropology, Chemistry, Fine Arts, Criminal Justice

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