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Chris Coffey


Clinic Director & Exercise Physiologist

As a 13-year veteran of the fitness and nutrition field, I have learned what it takes to
help the body gain strength and stamina. Equally important, I know how to create a stimulating
training environment where children and adults are safe to work past their real and perceived
limitations and learn how to make good choices about their health.

Before co-founding the Institute for Exercise Medicine and Prevention® (I.EM.PHIT®), I was
lead Exercise Physiologist from 2001-08 at the acclaimed Kohl’s Power3 Exercise Medicine Center
at the Children’s Hospital of St. Paul. There, I counseled and trained children and adults who
were referred by physicians for enhanced treatment of medical conditions. I also cultivated
expertise in, and passion for, helping children and families – boosting their self-esteem by helping
them set and achieve fitness and health goals and teaching them to enjoy physical activities and
improve their life choices.

Our goal at I.EM.PHIT® is to give kids and parents a place where they can go to bring the love of physical activity back into their lives. I also closely collaborate with providers, medical staff and referring physicians to integrate medicine into the treatment of medical conditions.

Additional experience includes 13 years of adult personal training and highschool strength and conditioning coaching. I started personal training at Northwest Athletic Club and now do all of my private personal training at the clients' homes.

I earned my M.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I have a B.S. in
Biology from St. Could State University in Minnesota.

Favorite Subjects

Time Management, Creative Writing, Film, Music, Sciences, Business, Theater, Physics, Statistics


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