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Christy Nicholson


Grade(s): Middle School


My name is Christina Nicholson and I'm currently in the 7th grade at Brewer Middle School. My dad is a freelance photographer and I am currently following in his foot steps as I try and capture nature and beauty through life long standing imagery.

Tho I love photography i am also an avid writer I have written stories that have been said to be at the level of a real book. I'm not too bright in math but when it comes to algebra It's something i really love.

After school I'm either At Texas Girls Choir were i have learned to mature and have found my passion of the Fine Arts, or i'm at home singing, practicing photography, or writing.

My life long dream is to become an Egyptologist (to study and master the art of Egyptology), or to become a Professional Writer.

Favorite Subjects

Dance, History, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Music, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Photography, Criminal Justice, Law


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