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Darla Hill


I am coming to you from northwestern Lower Michigan, near the town of Traverse City. I was born and raised just north of here. I really did not appreciate the beauty of the area until I went away to college. The area is comprised of rolling hills; the beautiful blue waters of Lake Michigan and sleepy little towns nestled throughout. It is an outdoor paradise. In the wintertime we are inundated skiers. In the warmer months we are lost amongst the boaters and all sorts of tourists.

I attended Central Michigan University from 1985-1989 and obtained a BAA with a Journalism major and Political Science minor. Having gone on to attend Michigan State University from 1989-1992, I received an MA in Communications/Journalism with an Information Technology emphasis.

My passion for the fusion of technology and education led me to recently complete an accelerated online program to attain an MS in Education Media Technology in Education, which I complete in October 2010.

For eighteen years I have taught part-time for the community college. For the last thirteen years I have had the privilege of also teaching ITV and online courses in Government, English Composition and International Politics. This diversity in teaching experiences has uniquely allowed me to experience a more diverse student body. The Internet has allowed me to work with and teach individuals from many cultures with varied experiences.

Within those eighteen years I have worked full-time in various Communication, Public Relations and Marketing positions. Although I love my work, the best full-time job I have ever had is being a mother to three daughters; 12-year-old Haven Marie, 9-year-old Sage Elizabeth and 6-year-old Ashlen Rose.

I currently reside on the Old Mission Peninsula in a modest "money-pit" that we have grown to love. Its crooked walls are filled with the experiences of myself; my daughters and our adorable dog, Sasha.
In my spare time I enjoy snowshoeing, fitness, reading, writing, working in the garden and trying to cook new things. You also have to love the water and the outdoors if you live here!

My biggest career aspiration is to work within the technology integration field. I also aspire to be a published author of one or more children's books. My biggest personal goal is to always learn, be the best I know that I possibly can and to be happy.

If I could describe myself in one word it would be "communicator". I believe very much in living for every mom


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