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David Hardin


yo what up dogs i'm David Earl Hardin I was born in Texas and my parents were divorced when i was 2 years old. I lived at my grandma's house for 3 years then we moved. I'm also half German and French. When i was a toddler my nickname was tub-bu bub-bu. Yay ya i know its funny but the reason why is because i was really fat! My sister is only 2 and she knows how to OPEN DOORS! Its very creepy. P.S. I also like m---a---t---h! if u don't know what that is it is math. and if u play AJ u well see me on there doing cool stuff! also my username for every account i own is deathwing149 (not including AJ). I am also very funny so if u want to crack up a laugh just come over and talk to me!

:-) :-0 :-( /:-) any way that's all (for now) but hope u know a lot about me now, later!

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English, Mathematics, Applied Sciences

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