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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, at a very early age, moved to Iowa when I was 2, moved to Springfield, Illinois when I was 18, and moved to Minnesota when I was 29. In Iowa, I lived in four different cities. My Dad was a preacher, and their families, like "Army brats," move a lot. You could call me a "Preacher Brat." Most called me "P.K." (Preacher's Kid) I've been called worse. (rim shot, please)
I grew up the second of five children during the Cold War, and boy was I tired of wearing a parka...... Anyway... I had to practice air raid drills, where we hid under our desks and giggled, frankly, because not too many of us at that age took it seriously. On the other hand, we also had Hula Hoops, the Beatles, and malt shops. 'Twas a good time to be a kid.
I went to college in the Land of Lincoln, majored in English, earned an IL teaching license, and taught English in Springfield, IL, in both junior high (n/k/a middle school) and high school.
After six short years of teaching, I moved to MN for a change of pace, and worked as a substitute teacher, a night janitor, a social worker with senior citizens, a bindery machine operator in a printing company, and most recently as a paralegal.
I like music of all sorts, but especially like blues, big band swing, and strong symphonies (think Beethoven). My favorite symphonic piece is the Fourth Movement of Beethoven's Ninth, the "Ode To Joy" chorale. Nothing gets the hairs on my neck to stand up like that one does.
I also stick my nose in a lot of books, mostly mystery or spy novels, but also historical fiction (currently reading "New York," by Edward Rutherfurd). And I'm a sucker for almost anything about the Revolutionary War.
I am associating my self with Sophia Learning because I love to teach, and am increasingly sorry I strayed from the classroom. Had we had the internet, Facebook, YouTube, and all the other sources we now have, I would have used them back then in the "Dark Ages." As it was, about all I had was textbooks and newspapers to get my grammar points across.
I have no Facebook, therefore am "friend"less. I take that back -- I have a Facebook page, but rarely use it. It hasn't been updated in about a year. And I don't Twit.... or Tweet. I am not a "public" person; I like my privacy, as does Bob Dylan, for example. So mostly I just make a call or email, and mostly to my two children, and other family members.
Speaking of my kids, I have two girls, who live on o


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