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Deborah Ash


Deborah "Debi" Ash is a graduate of Capella University's School of Education (PhD - Instructional Design for Online Learning and MScEd- Professional Studies in Education) who currently develops, designs, and facilitates Teacher Education and General Education classes at the Robert B. Miller College in Battle Creek, MI. Her past experience includes facilitation at ITT Technical Institute - Online, International American University, Glen Oaks Community College, and Axia College in Phoenix, AZ.

Dr. Ash is also the Director of a non-profit educational consulting group, AIDEC, which focuses on the implementation and utilization of instructional design models & principles that engage and motivate students who are at risk of not completing high school. Her work at AIDEC includes grant writing for Federal IES applications, research in the field of participatory design, engaging learning strategies, instructional technology, and ensuring that all students receive a fair and balanced education at the secondary level based on individuality, respect, and responsibility.

Teaching/Learning Philosophy

Human nature is as true to form as the individual. Although we have similar facets, the truth of the matter is that we are nothing alike. Just as DNA is unique to each of us; so is our nature to learn. Culture, education, media, friends, and free will give each of us a different path for our lives. It is the responsibility of a teacher/instructor to open the minds of the learner’s to new experiences; it is the learner's responsibility to act upon it.

Based on a very balanced blend of Naturalism and Existentialism, Dr. Ash's educational philosophy extenuates the ability to see each learner as a force of nature and experience. Taking the time to recognize each learning style, each cultural group, and each learner as a separate person within the whole is the success of her teaching and design process.

The success of the learner is the overall goal of the classroom. Teachers simply cannot “walk” into the classroom and teach the subject at hand. Each subject does not exist in black and white; every avenue should be explored if the learner should so wish it to be. An inquiring mind is a learning mind and she encourages this to the benefit of all involved.

Overall, to teach is unique; just as the learners are. To look away from the true nature of an individual who is within a classroom is not an option.

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Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Composition, Time Management, English, Creative Writing, Learning Strategies, Political Science, Statistics, Reading, Social Sciences, Sociology


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