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Dr. Linda Faber


Grade(s): Middle School


My name is Dr. Linda Faber. I am recognized best by friends and family as friendly, helpful and determined. I currently teach at a rural Title 1 School in upstate New York. I teach one section of 6th grade ELA, 7th grade ELA, 8th grade ELA, and 2 sections of 6th grade social studies. I also taught at the K-3 level for 2 years and the 9-12 level for 4 years. Unquestionably, “I thrive” and enjoy teaching at the middle level.
As for my education, I was a returning adult learner after the youngest of my 5 children entered kindergarten. I received an A.S. from Mohawk Valley Community College, a B.S. from Syracuse University, an M.S from Cortland, a second M.S. in administration from Cortland, and my Ed. D. from the University of Phoenix. Since my Doctorate I have earned an additional 30 graduate hours in Educational Technology. Eminently, I love knowledge and one would approximate this desire to that of a connoisseur.

Favorite Subjects

English, Learning Strategies, Literature, Reading, Education


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