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Edward Cross


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I am recently retired from a career as an electrical engineer. My engineering work was spent largely working for companies that are federal contractors, including my last employer, the MITRE Corporation. Other companies for which I have worked have included CSC; SAIC; Booz, Allen, and Hamilton; Stanford Telecommunications; and some smaller companies.

My education includes the non-thesis Professional degree "Engineer" from The George Washington University, Washington, DC. My Master of Engineering isfrom Texas A & M University 1977 and my undergraduate degree is from Walla Walla College,1975. The degree of Engineer is a non-thesis degree that includes the same coursework as the doctoral degree.

I grew up in southern Texas 25 miles from the Mexican border. I spent 4 years in Washington state where I did my undergraduate education, then I returned to Texas for two years where I got my Master's degree at Texas A&M. Since then I have been in northern Virginia.

My interests include mathematics and science, especially physical science and physics. However, I also have taught almost any subject through the high school level, including English Grammar and American History. My level of expertise extends through secondary level for most subjects and some undergraduate subjects, mainly math, electrical engineering, and some physic.

I have also been involved in some education related activities. I did private tutoring of high school students in math and other subjects. I also have been home schooling two adopted daughters since 2002, beginning in lower grades and continuing through high school (not quite finished with that yet), including teaching English as a second language to one adopted from Haiti. Earlier I had a teaching assistant-ship of electric machinery laboratory for non electrical engineering majors at Texas A&M.

When I am tutoring or teaching home in home school I prefer to try to lead the student to figure out answers himself or herself rather than to solve the problem myself, though sometimes I might show the solution for a similar problem.

Personal interests include gardening, classical music, learning about natural methods of healing, and my church. I also have a reading knowledge of Spanish and French which I enjoy using.

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