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Elisabetta Marigo


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


I'm an high school teacher of English, I've been teaching in Italy - Verona for 24 years now. Since last year I got a permanent job in the state school. I taught in different types of secondary education schools such as linguistic, scientific and classical studies, then last year in an accountancy state institute and this year I'm in a state computer studies and technological high school. I graduated in the far 1988, and soon after I started a career as a free lance translator ( from English and German into Italian). In the meanwhile I got employed as a temporary teacher in the state schools. I sat in the national exam in 1999 and I've been included in the ranking list since then. I've always made and effort to keep myself updated. I'm interested in study skills, methodologies, multi intelligences and cooperative learning. For this reason I attended as many courses as I could and took part in any interesting lectures. Finally I must confess I'm really fond of using technology in class, from pcs to tablets or Iphones because I think a 21 century teacher needs to create meaningful activities with his/her students and encourage them to be creative and indipendent in an innovative and engaging environment. Last but not the least I really like sharing materials and experiences with other teachers. I have been using an Apple IPad for a few months and my life has dramatically changed both personally and professionally. Using technological devices will be my challenge in the next coming years.

Favorite Subjects

History, Composition, Study Skills, Film, Creative Writing, English as a Second Language, Literature

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