Fatema Hattawi


Subject(s): Humanities

Grade(s): Middle School


I am creative and I love creativity, I hate the rigid routine office work, I'm proud that I'm a strong teacher, I mastered the difficulties to achieve my dreams, I didn't care about where to work (even if it was away from home) nor the salary that I got, as long as I am working as a teacher.
My Skills are :
Scientific research in the field of my specialization (Religion /Humanities / Education).
Educational practical training for new teachers.
Conversational skills with children, adolescents and the elderly.
Writing educational stories and plays.
Designing and evaluating teaching aids.
Drawing & telling children's stories.
Hand embroidery, puppet crafting and making a quiet books.

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Arabic, History, Anthropology, Composition, Film, English, Creative Writing, Earth Sciences, English as a Second Language, Religion, Photography, Geography, Learning Strategies, Linguistics, Theater, Literature, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Computer Science, Psychology, Biology, Reading, Social Sciences, Design, Sociology, Humanities, Speech / Rhetoric, Education, Applied Sciences, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, Family and Consumer Science, Health Sciences, Library, Museum Studies, Physical Education, Social Work

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