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fernando albuquerque costa


Fernando Albuquerque Costa is professor at the Institute of Education of the University of Lisbon. He has a degree in Psychology and a PhD in Educational Sciences in the area of Curriculum and Evaluation.

Fernando has been teaching educational technology subjets since fifteen years at the University of Lisbon. His research field is learning, curriculum & technology, and professional development of teachers to integrate ICT tools in the curriculum, having several publications in these areas.

At national level he coordinated different European projects in the area of pedagogical use of ICT, including projects like PEDACTICE about evaluation of educational multimedia, IPETCCO about innovative teaching practices and DIGIFOLIO about electronic portfolios and teachers professional development.

More recently he coordinated the national study about ICT Teachers Competencies for the Ministry of Education and leaded the team who developed the Learning Outcomes in the area of ICT, also for the Ministry of Education of Portugal.

He is now the national coordinator of the Distance Learning Project for Itinerant Students.

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