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Fiona Schumacher


“Fiona Schumacher is a highly skilled and versatile leadership professional with the insight, vision and enthusiasm necessary to inspire teams and garner impressive results”, says client Tamara Larson, CEO of Philanthropy Twist. “Her overall business acumen and international perspective are important components of her accomplishments” as she has lived on two continents & four countries and has traveled to over 40 countries.

With a 20+ year career in business development, marketing and sales, she is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and exceptional business relationships. Her career also includes strategic planning and organizational & personnel development, which fosters an elevated brand name reputation of her clients.

Fiona served as the Director, Strategic Alliances for a consulting company providing solutions to increase business efficiencies and employee performance. Her real world experience coupled with her understanding of human behavioral dynamics gave her the opportunity to also deliver thought-provoking and change-oriented workshops and courses. These helped create finely tuned corporate cultures in which limiting or nonproductive patterns were eliminated, strategic thinking was generated, core competencies were enhanced and committed actions were taken to produce consistent results. Clients included leaders, managers, sales people and human resource professionals in numerous industries across North America.

Favorite Subjects

Dance, Composition, Time Management, Business, Geography, Political Science, Sociology

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