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Fred Mindlin


Grade(s): Middle School


Fred Mindlin is a digital storytelling evangelist, arts integration advocate, and social justice activist. He currently serves as Associate Director for Technology Integration with the Central California Writing Project at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Fred taught 3rd and 4th grade for a dozen years, first as a bilingual/multicultural specialist and then as one of the original teachers with Alianza Charter School's two-way immersion program. He spent the last seven years of his public school teaching career as a self-funded technology integration trainer and administrator. Since leaving PVUSD in 2006, he has been consulting with schools, individuals, and non- profit organizations on standards-based student-centered digital media creation. He specializes in Common Core implementation via Project Based Learning, and doing string games.

Favorite Subjects

Composition, Study Skills, Anthropology, Basic Science, History, Film, Creative Writing, Time Management, Philosophy, English, English as a Second Language, Sciences, Mathematics, Learning Strategies, Linguistics, Theater, Fine Arts, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Speech / Rhetoric, Humanities, World Languages, Spanish


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