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Geoff Snyder


Geoff Snyder created his blog, Freedom to Think and Dream Big in October of 2009. He began searching for like-minded leaders who share the same vision as he does with business ethics, new world education systems, creative and innovative uniqueness, and overall team platformed collaboration for continual personal development. The blog has allowed Geoff and his team to focus on his first leadership book which will be the foundation piece for a scholarship fund, dedicated to leadership development for underprivileged young adults in urban communities.

It is a five book series and features an outlined circuit of events, which are to be held at high schools, colleges/universities, and churches around the United States, China, Brazil, India, and Australia. The first four books are written to share specific phases of growing up and maturing as an adult in the 21st century. The fifth book will be written while the tour takes place as a research piece, which will share the findings of similarities and contrasting comparisons between cultures.


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