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Haleigh Harris


Grade(s): Middle School


So I'm not perfect. But guess what? You aren't either. So you can back off because I am fine the way I am. I would rather live a life of 'oh wells' than a life of 'what ifs'. I don't need anyone to make me happy when I already have my friends. Life is tough but it will get better, I promise. Glow-sticks taught me that you need to break before you can shine. I still might be breaking but when I shine ill be brighter than the sun. Don't think so? Tell that to the Ok. St. Football team and coaches. They'll disagree. Live life to the fullest 'cause 1 day you'll look back thinking 'what have I done'. ~Haleigh~

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, History, Dance, Creative Writing, Film, Music, Photography, German, Theater, Career Writing, Greek, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Latin, Reading, Criminal Justice, Design, Spanish, Social Studies, Journalism, Media, Communications, Law, Physical Education

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