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Harold Ames, Ph.D.


Subject(s): Psychology, Systemicity, & Philosophy

Grade(s): College / Other

Location: HI


Aloha e!
My name is Harold Ames and I am an alumni of Capella University. I am using Sophia to develop an online environment for future students at a charter school here on the N. Shore of Maui. I have Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology but have not taught formally at any schools. I don't see pedagogy much different than my applied skills in psychology and in the field.

I am the Founder & President of the Hawai'i Association for Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I am looking to launch the Institute of Industrial-Organizational Psychology in the next few years. I would love to bring the field of psychology to middle school and high school levels to make pathways into Capella University.

Favorite Subjects

Anthropology, Film, Philosophy, English, Chemistry, Archeology, Business, Physics, Learning Strategies, Literature, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Reading, Social Sciences, Psychology, Design, Humanities, Social Studies, Education, Engineering, Family and Consumer Science, Law, Military Sciences, Public Administration, Social Work


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