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J. Mark Schwanz


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


My first teaching job was in a computer classroom. I was hired to teach the fifth grade students one day per week on computer applications in a Commodore 64 computer lab in 1994. After this I became a full-time teacher at a private school with additional duties as the computer coordinator for the site. After one year I had built the computer lab and instructional program including the after school programs for grades K-8, where I moved to a full-time teaching position in Orange County, California.

Even as new teacher I was a technology coordinator and edtech leader on my campus. By 1997 and 1998 I was the school and district website coordinator, Accelerated Reader coordinator and I was developing instructional support web pages for my classroom. While I was there I was awarded the role of Mentor teacher with a technology project. I applied for and received a team technology grant from the Orange County Department of Education.

As a part of my Master's degree in Educational Leadership at California State University, Fullerton I wrote a master's thesis entitled Internet Use Policy and Practice (2001). I concluded that without the availability of adequate professional development and support policies, instructional technology would not flourish. I found that teachers were using Internet resources and applications, but not as part of their instruction. Professional development was needed to help teachers use Internet resources in their classrooms.

Following five years as an assistant principal, I began to coordinate educational technology as a technology teacher on special assignment with Lynwood Unified School District. I coordinated many aspects of the instructional technology program. In the past three years I have collaborated with school and district administrators, teachers, staff, vendors, I.T. staff, local, state and federal agencies, various grant programs and universities. I have been instrumental in bringing the district's instructional technology to a strong position where it is having a positive effect on student achievement and is ready to move forward to support school reform in the secondary schools.

Favorite Subjects

English as a Second Language, Music, Religion, Computer Science


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