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Jacob Sorem


Subject(s): Computer operating systems, networking, and hardware

Grade(s): College


I am Faculty for the school of Technology and Design at Rasmussen College, Brooklyn Park, MN. I teach classes on computer hardware and software including Windows desktop and server operating systems. I also teach courses in network architecture and network security. I have an Active Directory network set up in my home that includes DHCP, file, and application servers. (I'd set up a print server if consumer inkjets could be installed on server operating systems.)

Though I do not currently teach in these areas, I have knowledge and enjoy teaching MS Office and Algebra (I know, I'm weird). I have some very basic programming knowledge, though the majority of programming I've done was in Fortran in the mid nineties. I understand basic database principles and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Access.

My personal interests include movies in general, but with an eye on Science Fiction and animation. I love the Minnesota Vikings and football in general. Baseball is okay. Video games are awesome; Xbox and Wii populate my house, though at times I miss some games on my PS2.

Favorite Subjects

Geometry, Film, Music, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Space Sciences, Statistics, Political Science, Engineering


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