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James Duncan


Grade(s): Middle School


After graduating from Baylor Universiy, I embarked on a fifteen-year career in the business world. My journey led me to follow my true calling to be a master teacher. After spending the past four years teaching subjects ranging from English and Philosophy to Business Law; as well as being a part of the International Baccalaureate program for an Austin area public high school, I began to realize there was so much more that needed to be done to help young people prepare for the rest of their lives.

My epiphany was a result of seeing how the curriculum I was required to teach did very little to truly prepare my students for the next level, be it college or career.

My previous experiences revealed that what was lacking was not knowledge or intelligence, but understanding. Whole-heartedly adopting the Acton vision of student-directed learning and instilling a love of life-long learning, I have the amazing opportunity to join the Acton Academy team to head up the launch of Acton’s Middle School program in the fall of 2012.

Favorite Subjects

Anthropology, Basic Mathematics, Composition, History, Archeology, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Agriculture, English, Geometry, Film, Architecture, Music, English as a Second Language, French, Earth Sciences, Religion, Economics, Physical Sciences, Photography, Business, Geography, Physics, Linguistics, Greek, Career Writing, Theater, Political Science, Statistics, Literature, Space Sciences, Psychology, Latin, Reading, Speech / Rhetoric, Sociology, Divinity, Spanish, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Journalism, Media, Communications, Law, Library, Museum Studies


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