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James Sullivan


"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."
Albert Einstein

Founder, Director · 1993-1997, 2009 to present
Educational Strategies Associates strives to bring people and ideas together. Through presenting information and resources, connections to individuals and organizations, and opportunities for active participation, we strive to encourage Social Entrepreneurs who seek to improve the social and educational conditions of their communities.

Seacoast Families in Nature
2010 to present
A member of the C&NN Network, we are located in SE New Hampshire/Seacoast Maine and are always looking for ideas for activities to share, and leaders who would like to take an active role in organizing events to share your love of the outdoors and work together to get kids and families 'UP & OUT'.

Favorite Subjects

Creative Writing, English, Philosophy, Agriculture, Earth Sciences, Learning Strategies, Fine Arts, Reading, Social Sciences, Sociology, Speech / Rhetoric, Humanities, Applied Sciences, Education, Environmental Studies

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