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Jean Flomer


Our private school did not even have room libraries when I started working here in 2000. As a teacher I accumulated books, arranged them, taught students library skills and some technology. When our school added a wing I asked for one of the classrooms for a school library. We have been able to use the room as a library as soon as two months after we decided to have a library. The room lacked books, shelves, tables and chairs. Little by little the school family and community members made donations to our library.

At present we have over 5,000 books and media and serve our Pre-K through 6th grade classes. The students are being taught to use the on-line library computer from first grade. One week we have a class about Library Skills. The next week the students check out from the library.

Teaching students how to use the library and its resources independently is my main focus. Providing books with "family values" is another one. Beyond the library I am very interested in using technology in the classrooms and library, environmental protection and hand-on science.

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Arabic, Time Management, Applied Sciences, Library, Museum Studies


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