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Jennie Tullos


Grade(s): College


What I do…
I am currently a full-time volunteer in Omaha, NE with the AmeriCorps VISTA program. I’m positioned at a community college in the office of service-learning. I spend my days doing everything from web layout consulting and tech support, to teaching students about service-learning or poverty. I also help plan and organize community events through the service-learning office.

What is important to me…
I like to teach so I’m going to utilize an exercise I use when teaching and getting to know others. The best way to know what’s important to someone is to find out the three things they would grab if their house was on fire. So I would first and foremost make sure all friends, family and other human beings are safely out. Secondly I would rescue my cats, Menocchio and Bernstein. Lastly, I would probably chuck my bookshelf (built by my father) and all 650 of my books out the nearest window. This includes anything stored on my bookshelf like my backup hard drive and journals.

What I aspire to accomplish…
I have a saying, ”Inspire the desire to be challenged in greatness!”
So no matter what I set out to accomplish in life, this is my ultimate goal or intention. It also applies to me. I never want to settle for good enough, but I want to always work towards greatness. Whether that is in retail sales, being a volunteer, kempo karate, or just being me everyday–this is my passion.
I eventually will finish my college education towards becoming a college professor in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and History. Perhaps one day I will retire and open up a quaint coffee shop where I’m surrounded by books, smells of coffee, and people who love to discover the variously obscure.

Favorite Subjects

Composition, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Creative Writing, Religion, Music, Business, Photography, Literature, Social Sciences, Reading, Education, Library, Museum Studies


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