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Joanna Flores


Grade(s): Middle School

School: Barbara jordan intermediate

Location: TX


Hi i am Joanna Flores and I am Filipino( AKA my parents are from the Philippines) . I was born in Japan but grew up in Spain by that time My family visited Germany,Paris France, Milan ,Australia ,Hong Kong Thailand and many other places that won't fit on this page :D lol . After i grew up in Spain i was four by the time i moved to Florida.Then I moved to Texas after second grade!
As you know i have fun at school i try my best and love my new teachers Mr.Howe and Mrs. Eldridge !
Watch out Staar test you're not going block my way!oh and the jobs or subjects on the side are what my family is doing and what i like to do. Hey everyone please follow me All Pokemon lovers and Filipinos and everyone please follow me! !
sincerely ,Pikachu AKA Joanna
P.S im called pikachu because in the winter I end up shocking everyone !!! XD
=(^ -^)= <----- that's a bunny!!!

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, Music, Japanese, Design, Engineering, Health Sciences

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