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My name is John Thompson, and I am a PhD student scholar in the Capella University School of Education with a Curriculum and Instruction specialization. I am a semi-retired high school teacher with past service as a Business Marketing and Management teacher, Computer Technology teacher, Career Guidance teacher, Financial Literacy teacher, Industrial Technology teacher, and Social Science teacher. I retired from the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in 2011 to pursue a PhD in Education. My teacher practitioner duties were at the only school that CPS has for young women that were pregnant or parenting. The education that I received from the young women allowed me a better understanding of their diverse learning styles, and a better understanding of their abilities to demonstrate their learning verbally and in their written communications.
I want to aid student learner’s value of Financial Literacy and abilities to prosper in this great country of America. The reality of minorities not registering as Finance majors in colleges and universities is a problem, and many minority members are under-represented as Banking and Financial Institutions policy makers. The problems and headaches of payday loans, 30% or higher loan rates offered to minority members of either gender, lack of banking accounts and banking activities, the policies of insurance providers to have higher policy premiums for minorities, and neighborhood member’s lack of home repair or mortgage funding at neighborhood banks are all ills that minorities face daily. A major reason for the problem may be an under representation or no representation on banking and financial institution boards.
In addition, The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) mission statement allows me to see a connection for the lack of minority student learners choosing Finance as a curriculum major, with the challenge of preparing urban minority students to succeed in college. These two research study areas Financial Literacy and preparation of low-income students to succeed in both life and college will offer assistance with my final decision to conduct a valid and scholarly research study.

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