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Jordan Copeland


Hi,hey,hello,howdy,hiya,hola,ello,my name is Jordan. Yoouu probably know that though. My favorite hobbies are playing ukulele,sleeping,singing,sleeping,playing video games,sleeping,and eating. Also sleeping. I am 11 years old.When I'm not at school I am doing any of the hobbies listed above ( I do all of those things in my bed because I'm to lazy to move out of my bed). I'm going to end this here because I have nothing else to write. I hope you enjoyed my bio thingy and I hope you have a wonderful day. Or night.

(p.s. all of the things in the favorite subject thingy, I don't really do ,they just interest me or I do them at home.)

Favorite Subjects

Dance, Chinese, Chemistry, Music, French, Photography, German, Japanese, Biology

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