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Jorge Guillén


My name is Jorge Guillén. I am a full-time English learner-teacher, teacher trainer and ELT entrepreneur. I have been teaching English for almost 11 years, working mainly at CELEX, UPIICSA at the National Polytechnic Institute, in Mexico City and, in recent times, for private companies like IT and customs agencies. I am also a Cambridge English Teacher, ICELT & CPE holder and an oral examiner before Cambridge Language Assessment.

In spite of my multiple responsibilities, most of the times getting in the way of my reading and writing, I always try to keep a good book at hand together with my Mac because I believe there is always something worth learning from and sharing with others.

Additionally, I do enjoy browsing the Internet, reading blogs, tweeting and being updated on the latest news, methods and trends, especially on the world of ELT.

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Composition, Creative Writing, Time Management, English, English as a Second Language, Learning Strategies, Linguistics, Literature, Reading, Speech / Rhetoric, Humanities, Spanish


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