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Joseph Barbeau


Grade(s): College


At 54, I have decided to return to school. A combination of our current economic situation, and a desire to enhance my marketability have made this an easy decision for me. Couple this with the relative ease of attending college via the computer which eliminates the travel requirements and time structure associated with a more traditional college environment and I feel that I have found the perfect combination to attain the degree I had long held as impossible for me. I also have an adult daughter who is about to start her own college program, after taking time to serve in the Military, and a High School aged son who is staring his own college quest; I felt that just talking to them about the importance of having a degree was rather hollow coming from someone who did not. So, I am hoping that there is a little bit of leading by example here. I also feel that I have a great sum of knowledge gained through my years of work, and having a degree will not only compliment this, but position me to attain higher levels of employment where I can then share this accumulated knowledge with those that are just starting their careers. In all, I am very excited and looking forward to this new experience. When my peers ask me what I am planning for my retirement years, I like to respond that I am making a new career.

Favorite Subjects

History, Philosophy, Creative Writing, Architecture, Earth Sciences, Photography, Physical Sciences, Physics, Space Sciences, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Law, Public Safety


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