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Judith Connolly


Grade(s): Middle School


I am a mother of three adult children, grandmother of one, and teacher of many. Although I have lived in the Midwest all my life, I love to travel. I have a small, closely-knit immediate family and am fortunate to have most of them living in town. Many of us take an annual vacation together. I love to read, play board games, make greeting cards, and go out with friends to listen to live music. I also enjoy long walks, tennis, and ice skating.
I am fortunate to teach in a school where collaboration is as common as oxygen. I am excited to be joining Sophia to broaden my opportunities to share with other educators.

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, Study Skills, Composition, Creative Writing, Geometry, Film, Time Management, Mathematics, Photography, German, Theater, Linguistics, Learning Strategies, Literature, Reading, Humanities, Spanish, Environmental Studies, Family and Consumer Science

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