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Julia Zakrewsky


I am a 50 year-old, mother of 4 and stepmother of 3, (that makes 7 all together). I have two Bachelor of Arts degrees, in English and Fine Arts from Drew University. I will begin graduate work in Religion this year. I am engaged to a very kind soul, and we will marry on the beach sometime next year. All of our children are in college or graduate school except one child . My son Nikolai, who is 10 and going into 5th grade, and is quite an adorable and special child. We live in Florida, which is a bit backward compared to the Northeast, but the beautiful blue skies, warm,clean ocean water half a mile from our house constantly reminds us of why we are fortunate to have landed here.

Favorite Subjects

Basic Science, Chemistry, Philosophy, Time Management, Archeology, Religion, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Career Writing, Space Sciences, Psychology, Divinity, Applied Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, Journalism, Media, Communications, Social Work

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