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Karolna Nedelkovska


Grade(s): Middle School / 9


I am teaching English as a Second Language for 15 years. I have been teaching Command English for 4 years, and almost 11 years I am working in "Kole Kaninski" State Primary School in Bitola, Macedonia. Every day brings something new, my device is to live the life as it comes. Teaching children means molding the future; students' success, their laughter and being around young people makes me really happy. I use technology in my classes, and as technology moves too fast I always try to keep up new tech. Sometimes it's difficult to follow but these are new generations that make us knowledgeable with everything new.

Favorite Subjects

Study Skills, Composition, Time Management, English, Creative Writing, English as a Second Language, Photography, German, Linguistics, Learning Strategies, Visual Arts, Literature, Reading, Speech / Rhetoric, World Languages, Education, Military Sciences


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