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Kasey Farley


I have been blessed in my life to have loved and been loved unconditionally, there is nothing more one could want as an epitaph at the end of the day.~~ D. "Kasey" Farley

A lover asked his beloved,
Do you love yourself more than you love me?
The Beloved replied, I have died to myself, and I live for you.
I've disappeared from myself and my attributes,
I am present, only for you.
I have forgotten all my learnings,
but from knowing you, I have become a scholar.
I have lost all my strength, but from your power, I am able.
I love myself...I love you.
I love you...I love myself.

Sociology ~ Philosophy ~ Statisics ~ CSU East Bay
Sociology~ Business ~ College of the Redwoods
Grahic Art ~ Art ~ Philosophy ~ Pima College
Grahic Art ~ Art ~ Philosophy ~ Mohave College

Favorite Subjects

Anthropology, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Music, Political Science, Fine Arts, Reading, Sociology, Humanities, Journalism, Media, Communications

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