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Kathleen Blessing


I have been an English teacher in the Minneapolis Public Schools for the past 25 years. This past summer of 2010, after taking an early retirement, I visited New Zealand to attend the World Congress of the International Reading Association. Besides the convention, my husband and I spent some time traveling the country and getting to know the culture/history of this small country in the South Pacific. Since then, I've also had the chance to visit Baltimore, MD and Sedona, AZ. I'm pleased to be free to travel, but my passion for reading, writing, and learning can be fulfilled by staying home as well. I live with my husband and dog and enjoy the company of my two adult daughters who live in the area. I keep fit by walking my dog and I love to be able to observe the seasons' subtle changes on a daily basis. Among my other interests are movies, music, memoirs. My future plans are to take yoga and/or dance lessons.

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