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Keith Sorensen


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12


Keith O Sorensen
Director of Educational Technology in School District 211

Ed.M. Harvard University - Administration, Planning and Social Policy
M.S.Ed. Northern Illinois University - Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
B.S. Ed. University of Illinois - Elementary Education

I have been working exclusively in the field of instructional technology/ classroom integration since 2004. Before that I was an elementary school teacher for ten years. Technology integration focuses on improving four areas: the quality of teacher instruction; the quality of instructional resources; the process of learning; and the quality of work created by each student.

The last two years have brought with them enormous changes in the field of educational technology. Mobile computing has completely changed our view of instruction; the cost of a netbook or tablet has dropped below $400; Internet costs have been cut in half; cell phones have become viable instructional tools; collaborative software and sites such as Google have changed the way we work and communicate; and gaming is finally being recognized as a legitimate learning tool. This convergence of great ideas and devices has made it possible to begin a one-to-one program in our school district. The first true pilot program involving over 1,000 students will begin in August of 2012. It is an exciting time to be working in the field of educational technology.


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