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Kimberly Carter


Subject(s): science and ELA (tier 2 RTI)

Grade(s): Middle School

School: clay charter academy

Location: FL


As an online middle school science teacher for the SC Virtual Charter School, I began "flipping" my classroom during the spring of 2012 while completing my MEd in Educational Technology and Online Learning. I enjoy the flipped model of instruction because it allows me to cover more content in a way that engages students. I returned to the traditional brick and mortar classroom at Westview Middle School and, now, in Florida, where I plan to implement the Flipped Model. As a side note, I am now a doctoral student at Liberty University, pursing an EdS in Curriculum & Instruction.

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, Basic Science, Geometry, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Biology, Education, Environmental Studies


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