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Kirah West


Grade(s): Middle School


Hi i'm Kirah West. I was born in Denver/Colorodo. I lived in Hawaii for six years and learned the history. Sorry I speak weird I learned how to speak there, too. Nobody liked me back in my 3rd and 4th grade years so I was alone at recssas. So I liked the idea about moving to family. Now I know why that happend, I didn't run to much so they thought I was weird. Now that I am here I feel cofutible here I love my teachers, school, friends, home! I belive knowbody else had what happend to me to them so I don't want that to happen so I will not let them be in the dust I will comfert them! Thank you for understanding that I HATTED HAWAII!

Favorite Subjects

Basic Science, History, Dance, Film, Creative Writing, Chinese, Religion, Music, Photography, German, Theater, Physics, Visual Arts, Japanese, Space Sciences, Fine Arts, Biology, Reading, Spanish


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