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La Vergne Lester Thatch


Dr. La Vergne Lester Thatch is the founder and director of The Education STREaM, Inc.

She began her teaching career in 1991, in the New York Public School System, as a paraprofessional. In 1993, Dr. Thatch became a secondary-level science and mathematics teacher. She planned instructional strategies that were appropriate to the needs and strengths of her students. Dr. Thatch developed and facilitated workshops in high school Mathematics, Science and ESL/Bi-Lingual workshops for parents in Mathematics.

As Dr. Thatch worked diligently in the classroom with her students, over an eight year period, one of her greatest accomplishments was the development of The Thatch Method. Within The Thatch Method, the teacher and student roles are interchangeable. This effective method allows for a deeper level of science and mathematics learning.

Dr. Thatch is known for her ability to go beyond the student’s difficulties in order to help him or her to achieve their academic goals. Throughout her career, she has worked tirelessly to build educational environments that truly foster learning.

Dr. Thatch played an integral role in establishing and growing the online version of Texas Teacher Reading Academies (OTRA).

Dr. Thatch earned her Bachelors of Engineering from Pratt Institute (1991) and Masters of Engineering degree from City College of New York (1998) in Mechanical Engineering, Specialist Diploma in School Administration and Supervision from Queens College New York (2000). Doctoral degree in Science and Mathematics Education with a specialization in Physics Education from The University of Texas at Austin (2008).

She enjoys reading, writing and crafting. Dr. Thatch currently resides in Florida with her husband Stephen and their daughter Elke.

Favorite Subjects

Basic Mathematics, Study Skills, Geometry, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Learning Strategies, Education


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