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Leiataua Jon Peterson, Ed. D


Grade(s): 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / College / Other

Location: MN


My qualifications include fifteen years of experience navigating the educational system at the middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. I have worked as a City of Menomonie Parks Department employee, University of Wisconsin at River Falls student tutor, mentor, college recruiter, educational technology assistant, coach, human services technician, and full-time teacher/educational administrator in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.

I have professional experience working with underrepresented population groups within the educational system including students and adults of color, cognitive and/or physical disabilities, individuals of bi-racial and/or mixed ethnic backgrounds, and the homeless. In each of these instances I have demonstrated the ability to collect data, evaluate program performance, and analyze the effectiveness and impact of state and federal policy on private and public organizations relating to the fields of education and social service.

As a Minnesota state licensed teacher, I am certified to teach grades 7-12 Spanish and Broad Field Social Studies (all). I have seven years of full-time classroom teaching and coaching experience. I have presented grade level curriculum and lesson plans in both the English and Spanish languages. In addition to being bilingual, I am also culturally competent and have cultural exchange experience at the international level. Communication, human development, leadership, collaboration, and team-building are areas of strength. In addition, I have the ability to analyze local, state, and federal educational policy through qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Currently I am attending the University of St. Thomas as a doctoral student in the Department of Leadership, Policy, and Administration. I will be graduating in 2014 with a education doctorate in Leadership. I speak Spanish and I am certified to teach it, K-12. I am also certified as a K-12 Principal.

Favorite Subjects

Social Sciences, Humanities, Spanish, Education, Public Administration


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